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Over the last 20 years in the Information Technology field, We have kept up with changes in not only computer hardware and software but also in people, the users.  Having trained and supported thousands of people and businesses such as: Charleston County School District, Medical University of South Carolina, College of Charleston, Kiawah, Seabrook and Johns Islands, just to name a few.  More people are now willing and able to learn the great functions of the computer. 

Businesses know that the key to their success is to have a good and secured computer network system, which will make them more efficient, productive and profitable.

The key to our successful computer consulting business is that we listen carefully to our clients and then offer them technical solutions.  We provide quality hardware and software based on their specific needs.  We setup and configure their systems and networks.  Then, we  provide customized training so they could utilize their system’s abilities.  Of course, continuous technical support will then follow.

Whether you use your computer for home or office, you need the services we have been providing the many happy people over the last many years


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